You can save a lot of money in these ways

Office space or furniture, car or clothes you can save a lot of money by sharing. If you have more things and you are unable to use them then you can earn them by raising them on rent.

ET Wealth is telling you how you can earn or save from them.

1. Furniture and utensils

If you are in a job where you have to go to another city in a few years then buying and selling furniture can be expensive.

Companies such as Rent Mojo and Furnaco help you to rent furniture. You can also save the cost of installing furniture and equipment as well as installing it.

If you buy furniture or other equipment on rent, and change the city after a year, you can save up to 15,000 rupees for installing them.

If you want to buy them after paying rent for a year then you can buy them in a small amount.

2. Travel and stay
If you are fond of traveling, you can save expenses by choosing Homestay option to stay. Site offers private rooms, shared space and apartments, such as Air BNN, Trip Advisor and Home In these, you can stay in the rental of just Rs 500 per night. If a room is empty in your house then you can rent it on your own. This can lead to good earnings.

3. Sharing work
Start up and small businesses have been using the shared office space for some time now. Companies such as VWork, Office, Innovate are helping people in it.

This helps you reduce the cost of office rent, electricity bill, house keeping staff expenses, security, internet and pantry expenses.

It can also save the cost of IT infrastructure, fittings, brokerage and security deposit etc.
4. Transport
 The cost of going to your office daily can be full on your pocket. Public transport can not work at all  times. Regular taxi is expensive. You can take stock of companies like Taxi Aggregator Uber / Ola. It can save you a lot.

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