How to Earn Money from Facebook Page

You can sit home or earn part time money. That's also via Facebook. Yes, you can earn 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month from the Facebook which you use to make friends and friends. The special thing is that there is no need to invest in it.

Think of a topic that is directly linked to the life of the common people. Then create a page related to that topic. As well as a group also. Let us tell you that there are limitations on the group, but there is no limit to the page's choice. Then start posting in any one language (which you have a command).

Keep in mind, the post should be as many people as possible to share. Then disconnect the group on this topic and get as much feedback as possible. There will be a time when the songs on your page start moving fast. You will start receiving benefits from this page when your tracks are above 1 lakh.

Now you should be wondering how much will be done in it, so let us tell you that the companies give a twitter handle of 1 lakh lakh page or 1 lakh foolhaware companies up to 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month.

1. Original account

 If you are going to make money, then never sign up with a fake account. Give your phone number and other details.

2. Log in every day

If you are thinking of making money from your page, update it everyday. Because companies check the page before giving a campaign.

3. Knowledge of Facebook analytics

After creating a Facebook page, get knowledge of his analytics, study regularly and keep updated on all the information about the page.

4. Email and Phone Number Verification

Make sure to get the phone number and email ID provided on Facebook. If you do not do this, your account may be closed.How to Earn Money from Facebook Page

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